Microsoft will enable cloud signing so that users of the Outlook app don’t have to add it on every device

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Maybe you have used the signature in your email on some occasion. A kind of fingerprint, a sign that identifies you or adds information that may be interesting, both about your work and personal profile or even to contact by other means.

Almost all email services allow, in their options, add a signature to the end of the message text, a signature that we can add in a timely manner or leave stored so that it appears already prefixed when sending or responding with an email. A service that Microsoft already plans to improve in Outlook.

The signature in the cloud

Signature Copy

And it is that in the American company they plan to add the possibility for our personal signature, which we add in the Outlook application, be stored in the cloud, something that for example allows Gmail for a long time. Even applications such as AirMail for macOS and iOS, for mail management, have the option of storing the signature in the cloud.

This improvement is close to reaching Microsoft, so much so that in the roadmap it appears with availability set for June this year. And at this point, many may think about what can benefit from this improvement.

Very simple and it is that once we configure the signature in Outlook in the “Preferences” menu, the application will include it in all outgoing messages and it will do it in all the devices in which that Outlook account is used avoiding that, as until now, we have to do it one by one. It will be enough only once to have the signature configured on each of the devices.


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