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Michael O Leary labelled “Ireland’s answer to Donald Trump”


The Workers’ Party has hit out at Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary’s comments at Fine Gael’s fundraiser last week.

Jimmy Dignam, the party’s Dublin North-West representative, has described Mr O’Leary’s remarks as “far-right” and “dangerous”.

The Ryanair chief said that private bus companies should take over any routes left unserviced in the event of a bus strike.

Mr Dignam said:

“Michael O’Leary’s comments at Fine Gael’s pre-budget fundraising event were repulsive by even his own low standards.

“O’Leary has become Ireland’s answer to Donald Trump, spouting false, dangerous and insulting far-right rhetoric.

“O’Leary’s demonisation of workers like those from Dublin Bus, for having the gall of fighting for a better standard of living, highlights his utter disdain for working-class people.”

The Fine Gael breakfast event was attended by Michael Noonan, Leo Varadkar, Simon Coveney and Richard Bruton.

Mr Dignam said he was not surprised that the “Fine Gael-supporting audience” had “greatly received” Mr O’Leary’s comments.

He said:

“Fine Gael’s status as party-of-the-elite was further highlighted with businesses forking out €550 per table.

“Minister Noonan’s introduction of O’Leary as ‘Ireland’s leading businessman’ is insulting to all the Ryanair workers who have suffered terrible working conditions and treatment under O’Leary’s stewardship.

“O’Leary should be condemned, not lauded as some kind of leading business light.”

Mr Dignam concluded that Mr O’Leary’s attitude would be “utterly disastrous for working-class people”.
He said:

“It is frustrating to see O’Leary being considered as a respectable voice on politics by large sections of the media.

“The economic crisis was created by people like O’Leary whose sole purpose is to make exorbitant profits for a small elite, off the backs of the majority’s toil.

“The type of far-right society that O’Leary espouses would be utterly disastrous for working-class people across the State.

“Let’s not give it any credence.”