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MEP Hayes welcomes European Commissions’ proposal on refugee crisis


Speaking in Strasbourg, Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes has today welcomed European Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker’s plan to deal with the refugee crisis. Mr Hayes made his comments following President Juncker’s’ address to the European Parliament this morning.

“The new plan to distribute 160,000 refugees throughout the EU, establish a permanent distribution system between Member States and the publishing of a ‘safe country’ list is an important step in addressing the current crisis. The response to date has clearly not been good enough nor was it a collective response.

“I want to see the plan outlined by President Juncker today supported by all Member States. Europe must act together to address this issue. It is not just an issue for some Member States such as Greece, Italy and Hungary. We all have a responsibility. It is only when all the EU Member States act collectively that this issue can be dealt with.

“Ireland historically has a generous attitude in helping refugees. We should not be afraid of the obvious challenges that lie ahead in integrating refugees into our country. Working with the EU and being part of the solution is good for Ireland and good for Europe.

“I believe the Government should make this point very clear when EU leaders meet in the coming days to discuss the proposed plan. We need strong collective action by all Members States.”