Meet Zenbo, the home robot who’ll help with dinner, give you reminders and take your photo


Taiwanese company Asus has unveiled a family-friendly robot called Zenbo who can move, talk and respond to voice commands to help out around the home.

This modern-day cute-looking butler is designed to suit the needs of different family members, though with an emphasis on the elderly.

It has a variety of functions which fit into the company’s goals for Zenbo of “assistance, entertainment and companionship”.

the robot reads out a recipe for dinner

For instance, Zenbo can find and read out recipes and control household smart devices; tell children’s stories and play music through the built-in speaker; give spoken reminders and notify family members of a recognised emergency (like if grandad falls over.)

a notification comes up on the screen sent from zenbo

Zenbo’s ‘face’ is a built-in camera as well as a smart touch screen – so it can take photos and be used to browse the internet and social media – and is also capable of showing ‘emotions’ like blushing when reacting to a compliment.

the cute blushing face of the zenbo robot

Zenbo will cost $599 when it eventually rolls into homes.