Meet Thomas


“I live in Drimnagh but I’m in Tallaght maybe every second day, maybe more, I love coming up here. I’ve been coming to The Square since it opened, I live on my own so I love to get out and about during the day. I’ll come in here and maybe mosey about and see if there’s anyone around I know or I used to work with, I have some pals from around here, I like Tallaght people, they’re very friendly.

I never married and all my brothers and sisters are dead. I have a niece who lives a way out beyond Newbridge but she has her own family and business to look after I can’t be expecting her to be running up and down all the time to visit me.

I have a niece in Clondalkin who comes down to visit, she’s very good to me. I used to work on the buildings, here there and everywhere, mostly all over Ireland, but I’m a long time retired now. I’m originally from Newcastle West in Limerick, I moved up to Dublin with my family when I was seven years of age and I never class myself as a Dublin man, I’m a Limerick man.

I love the countryside, even to this present day I don’t know why my family ever moved away from Limerick to Dublin. Whenever I asked them why I would be told “Mind your own business, we’re up and that’s it.” That’s the way it was with children in them times, the young weren’t told anything, you did what you were told.

Nowadays they know everything and they’re told everything which is right, they should be told things, I knew nothing. I have no interest in sports at all, I love travelling, on the train or the bus whatever, I love it. I love going back down the country to where I’m from. I go down every few weeks.

I love travelling around and seeing places and meeting people. I have no interest at all in looking at television or films I love doing things and making things, it keeps my head going. I love experimenting, sure see how it goes, that’s my attitude.

I’ve no interest in politics either, as long as I get my pension at the end of the week I couldn’t care less what any of them have to say, it’s all mainly nonsense anyway!