Meet Shane


I’m from Springfield and I am an advanced make-up artist currently working with a high-end concession and as a freelance TV and beauty artist. 

A few years ago my life was on a completely different course as I was studying maths in Trinity.

I quickly realised I wasn’t happy and decided to take a year out.

The thought of a future stuck in an office filled me with dread so I decided to train as a make up artist as this was something I always wanted to do.

I’ve always been fairly artistic and creative and enjoyed applying make up as a hobby.

I started out by practicing on my friends and family before working my way around Europe to places like Nice and Monaco interning on various fashion projects.

After my year out was over I decided not to go back to college.

My parents said I should go finish my degree, become an accountant and make loads of money!

My tutor even rang up and tried to get me to change my mind but I knew what I wanted to do.

To advance my make-up artistry skills I signed up to The Waverley Academy in Dublin.

Since then my job has brought me great happiness, I don’t do 9-5 any day, and I’ve done everything from editorial to high fashion and TV. It’s a real thrill.

Becoming a make up artist and following my dream is definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.

I would say to anyone, you might as well follow your dream.

Why spend your life doing something you don’t like? It’s only going to make you depressed in the end.

I probably will move abroad for work in the future, the Irish fashion industry is quite small, everyone knows each other, we don’t have a big fashion scene here.

I would love to move to Australia but I have a fear of snakes, they’re more deadly there than anywhere else on earth!

I would also love to go back to college someday and do theoretical physics.

Some of the maths I’ve studied does come in useful in my work as a make up artist.

For example the Golden Ratio, which is referred to as the maths behind beauty.

It is the ratio of 1.618, which appears all over the human body, it’s the distance from your hand to your forearm, to the distance between the knuckles on each finger.

Knowing about the Golden Ratio helps me understand how we can change our appearance by using makeup.

I am currently working with Yves Saint Laurent as well as teaching in the The Waverley Academy.​

I also have a Youtube channel and am working on some other projects.

I feel so lucky to be doing something I love so much.