Meet Sean


My name is Sean Harding I’m 29, I’m from kilnamanagh but I was born in Australia and lived there for the first five years of my life. Like many Irish my age I went back to Oz years later and was there four years in both Australia and New Zealand.

Like very young lads my dream was to become a professional footballer so along with this I was always interested in keeping fit and training from a young age. I did reach a professional level playing League of Ireland before my journey took me down under to those countries.  During my time, with my interest in the fitness and gym side of things I completed Personal training qualification at 18 and throughout my travels put it to good use along the way.

After New Zealand I then decided to return home to play league of Ireland once again. It was during this time that my hobbie of training as a fitness professional developed into more of a passion for me and I decided to further my Knowledge completing a degree in Health & Performance Science in UCD.

During this degree, the idea for Back 2 Basics came about, my own business so I started out in a small shed/ studio out my back garden and went from that shed to this today (Sean has officially opened his new studio on the Belgard Road).

Back 2 Basics is very much a professional personalised training facility. In my time I’ve picked up a lot of good things that I’ve brought with me. I’m quite open minded and there is a lot of different styles of training and I feel like I’ve chosen the best parts of each and I’ve put them together into my own philosophy. I firmly believe that This facility is like no others around.

Health and Fitness has taken Ireland by storm and although there is a lot of good within the industry I feel it is far outweighed with the bad. A lot of people in this industry, see it as an easy career, complete a 12 week course and we can make a good living and a good career. Now, although a good career can be made, it is not easy. It requires hard work and long, long unsociable hours. I suppose what sets me apart from the rest is apart from my professional background, my 10 years experience, numerous high level qualifications, more than anything is the fact that I am in it for the right reasons. I bring a passion and an energy to what i do that is unmatched in my opinion.

It is all about improving people in this industry, helping them become healthier, fitter, and stronger and that is why we keep our Specialised Group Training (SGT) class numbers low. We have our classes capped at 20 people, with 2 coaches per class. This allows us to keep our individualised, professional approach. Its basically Personal Training in a group environment.

It really has taken off for me, why I’m not too sure but I do think that people can relate to my journey. I’ve worked so hard, literally 16 hour days for years on end in particularly the last 2 years since starting Back2Basics.

Being in Tallaght too has helped particularly on the Belgard Road, you have like 20,000 people going up and down that a day and then you have the Luas literally a three minute walk around the corner.

Back 2 Basics is open now but I plan on having an official launch in January.