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Meet Sarah


“I’m from Belfast City, I moved down here about 13 years ago. I graduated from University of Ulster with a diploma, it was only a one year course. I left school with no qualifications, went into childcare, decided to go back and start to educate myself a bit better.

When I finished that I went on a six month working holiday to Amsterdam and met my fiancé James, so that was life-changing and then after that we came back to Dublin and got jobs, that was 13 years ago, so that’s us, we have been here ever since. He’s from Limerick so this is our halfway point.

I live in Ballyboden and I love it. I joined Sinn Fein only about three years ago and then I ran for elections, got elected and was chosen to become the Mayor and I was delighted, it’s a brilliant job. I enjoy everything about the job, meeting people, being out and about. Before that I was working in financial services and it was an office bound job but now I’m meeting everybody, I’m going to bridge club lunches.

Looking towards the future I am running in the general elections. It was something I thought long and hard about.

Sinn Fein have gender quotas, for every two candidates running one has to be a woman, so all of the women in the area thought about it, so I put myself forward and have challenged myself to do it.

The aim of my Mayorship is womens’ rights and social inclusion through sports. So I am doing a lot around that at the minute, I was really excited yesterday to go and meet the Irish women’s team playing in Tallaght Stadium and there was brilliant atmosphere at it too.”