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Meet Sandra


I’m living in Tallaght all my life, working in the Civic Theatre as Box Office Manager the past 17 years, and I think Tallaght rocks!

The best thing about Tallaght is the sense of community, everyone has each others back.

The people here are so good to each other, there is a great bond that runs through Tallaght which is very, very special.

I have great neighbours where I live, if you don’t have your neighbours you’re missing out on support aren’t you?

For years this area was unfairly labelled by people who mostly had never even been here.

They’d never set foot in the place, or never met anyone from here, but were able to say who terrible it was.

People would say “oh you’re from Tallaght?” as if it was a bad thing and turn their noses up. Kind of look down on you.

Tallaght doesn’t deserve that reputation, it really doesn’t.

If a family here needs support they will get it from their community, absolutely.

Tallaght people stick together, it’s a big community with a big heart.

I will never move away from here. I’m Tallaght for life.

I think that old attitude towards the place is changing at last, thankfully, though the media could still do more to stop sensationalising stuff.

People who come here from outside the area to live discover that there is so much more to the place than what they might have heard. They experience the warmth of the people.

As well as the big sports clubs like Shamrock Rovers and Thomas Davis, theres swimming pools, gyms, all types of facilities and every kind of sport club you could imagine for kids. Theres loads here.

We have everything.

A wonderful theatre in the Civic, The Square, a fantastic library, some great restaurants and bars and beautiful countryside right on our door step. We rock!

I think it’s a great idea that the council are working on getting people who are into adventure sports to come and sample all that’s available here for hiking, cycling, mountain climbing etc.

I think once they’ve come here, whether they’re from down the country, other parts of Dublin or other countries, they will be very impressed and hopefully get the word out there that this is a great place to come to do those sorts of things.

Facilities like the climbing wall, which is just around the corner from here, will also help entice adventure sports lovers.

It’ll take a lot of work and a bit of time but hopefully in the future Tallaght get lots more visitors. Everybody is welcome, come check it out.

I wish more people knew of all the positives of Tallaght and stopped running the place down with negativity.

All is good with me, I was in a play here a few months ago called “A Theatrical 5” written by local writer and director Sean Ronan, it’s a series of five short plays that deal with aspects of life today: I played Lily in the doctors surgery and I absolutely loved it. It was the best experience of my life.

Plus I’m heading off to Spain from my holidays soon so I’m looking forward to that!