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Meet Samantha


“I’m 35 years old and from Killinarden Heights. I’m originally from Dolphins Barn and I moved to Tallaght when I was two.

I have a big family, I have three sisters and two brothers. After my Communion when I was about eight I went to a special school called St Josephs Special School. At the moment I am doing wildlife photography and I’m really enjoying it and I’m trying to get involved with the community doing some voluntary work. I am also involved in Ms. Ireland.

Ms. Ireland has always been a dream for me to do pageants for many years. I was afraid to sign up for these type of things, but then I met a lady called Jenny Lynch who is a director at the pagent and she said to sign up. So I was in the Ms. category for the over 25’s, I signed just before May and I did my first training on June 1st. I wanted to prove that people with Disabilities can do it, we are getting bullied and I don’t think it’s right, so I am proving them wrong.

We aren’t what they think we are and that’s why I am doing this, to open doors for anyone with a disability so they can do pageants, you don’t have to be perfect.

The competition is on next Saturday in the Carlton Hotel, it’s about winning the big title, I’m in it to win it, to me I wear the crown to represent where I am from, everything I will be wearing will be from Tallaght my local area and I have 13 sponsors from here.
I really want to get involved with the community, helping out and show that I can be a very good Queen. I would be lost without the support of the community I have to say, I have no words to describe how thankful I am. I never thought I would get all the sponsors that I have got, it’s amazing.

I went back to my old school St Josephs to do a speech and it was brilliant to see all the little kids and let them know that they can follow their dreams, and not to be afraid just go out and do it.”