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Meet Paddy


“I’ve been coming here every day to The Square for the last 20 odd years. In the last few years they’ve put in too many cafes here, there’s too many in the place now and not enough shops. They need more shops! I prefer sitting here than in Cathryn’s Corner because they’re all dying off in there!

I go to Dollymount for my NCT, they said the suspension is grand. I’m not going to the beach today, I’m too busy, I’ve a lot of stuff planned for this afternoon. I was born in Moore Street, well I was born in the old Coombe but I lived on Moore Street. I moved to Tallaght when the Germans were here!

The wife’s dead seven years now. I miss her, there’s just me and my daughter at home, she’s 31, we’re doing alright you know, you just have to get on with it. I go down to the cemetery every day. It’s in Newlands’ Cross so it’s handy for me to get to. Her name was Carmel, she was a Tipperary woman. She had a nephew on the Tipperary hurling team, Declan Fallon, who won an All Ireland medal a few years ago. We would have been 50 years married on the 27th of December this year. I got married in ’65 in Chapelizod.

The best thing about living in Tallaght?! Now you are really having a laugh! The water rates is a load of codswallop. Making us pensioners pay?! We shouldn’t have to pay for it, sure the money we’re getting doesn’t allow us to pay for water rates. It’s crazy.

I know he’s from the West of Ireland but he goes on like them ones from Dun Laoghaire

This current government should be let out to feck, bring Fianna Fail back. They should spend less time blaming Fianna Fail for everything. Enda Kenny, that fella is a snob. He’s a real Dun Laoghaire man isn’t he?! I know he’s from the West of Ireland but he goes on like them ones from Dun Laoghaire, la dee laa!

I follow the Dubs in the GAA, I worked in Croke Park for twenty years, I was a steward there. I’m not into the foreign game at all, I’m an Irish man. Me father was a Kerry man so I was also going to be a GAA man!”