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Meet Matthew


I am originally from Poland, I moved to Ireland in 2005.

I spent eight years working in Tallaght. I love the place and I love Tallaght people.

I am involved in Motocross, I race on scramblers for two teams.

One of the teams, CCM Racing is based in Broomhill Industrial Estate here in Tallaght and the other is based in Poland. One of my sponsors in InTallaght, who I’m very proud of, so I have a lot of links to the area.

Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on off-road circuits which is very popular in Ireland and growing every year.

This weekend I am racing in Desertmartin in Northern Ireland and I’m really looking forward to that.

I’ve been racing Scramblers for over 12 years. I started riding the bikes when I was eight.

It’s kind of like a disease, you pick it up and you just have to deal with it!

Last year I came up with the idea to find a few companies who will help me to race and thankfully I was able to get some on board which was great.

I also crashed really badly last year in a race when I was in the top three but ended up finishing forth so I missed out on the podium.

This year I’ve been trying even harder and I’m so determined to have success.

The feeling I get when I win is unbelievable. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Sometimes my friends joke saying: “Why don’t you just buy a trophy and put it on your mantlepiece, it’s a lot easier!”

They don’t understand how amazing it feels it win.

At the moment it’s a hobby but hopefully in the future I could do it full time, I’m going to do my best, we’ll see what happens, hopefully I’m not to old to go professional!

I do around 20 races a year all over Ireland, there’s so many brilliant tracks all over the country.

I might considering racing abroad in the future just for pure fun.

If you go to another country they don’t know you and they probably wouldn’t even recognise an Irish licence as they have their own licences to allow you race in their country.

But it would still be great to be involved and test yourself against people you’ve never raced before.

Motocross was invented in Ireland and England, they couldn’t decide which country invented it first, which doesn’t surprise me at all!

Many people mistakingly think Motocross was born in the US.

It’s still a growing sport, I would highly recommend it everybody.

Its’ not as dangerous as people think, and definitely don’t listen to your wife if you’re thinking of getting involved, that’s my main advice!

Its safe enough because the gear you can buy nowadays is very protective.

Plus if you use your brain and don’t do anything stupid you’ll be fine!

If you’re thinking of trying it I would say go for it.  Just go with the flow!

It’s a great way to relax and when you’re racing around a track at 65 mph on a scrambler you forget all your worries!