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Meet Marie


“I’ve been living in Tallaght since 1982 and now have four grandchildren and four great-grand children. I live in Cushlawn Park and we have a little day centre over there called “The Golden Circle.” All the women go there every Monday morning, they do aerobics, line dancing exercises, we go on outings, lots of things really and soon we’re going away on a holiday. The women all really enjoy it.

When I turned 55 I thought ‘at least when you’re in Tallaght at 55 you don’t lie down and die.’ There’s so much activity for you to be part of. You can come to The Square every day, where there’s loads to do without being compelled to buy anything if you don’t want to and everyone everyone is so friendly.

I’m involved with the drama class in the library and I absolutely love it, writing plays allows you to open up your brain, there’s 12 of us ordinary people from Tallaght in the class all writing away, I’ve got four under my belt so far. We also go on trips to the Abbey, and other theatres, it’s wonderful and I’d highly recommend it. If you were to enrol in the Gaiety School of Acting it’d cost you thousands, we go to Tallaght Library and it costs us nowt.

I’m also an ambassador for The Tua Nua, an organisation for older people, and my job is to look out for older people in the community and see that they’re not isolated and that they’re getting their entitlements. For example if they’re living on their own they could get Meals on Wheels, and also give them other advice like where their local GP is, how to get in contact with their local councillor, just all the facilities that are available to them. If you’re isolated and living on your own please don’t remain on your own, we’re a friendly face, we’ll meet you in The Square and have a cup of coffee or if you want we’ll call to your home. It’s totally confidential and it can really help people feel more at ease.

Social isolation is a big problem nowadays. Older people have so much to offer, ‘the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune’ really is true. Because you are older you’re going to be more mature and you’re able to know more about life and pass it down the generations. The younger generation can learn so much from the older generation, and vice versa as well. The sad thing about Tallaght is it gets really bad stick in the media which is not justified, there are so many wonderful people here and it’s a great place to live, I love it.”