Meet John

I’m John. I live in Tallaght and I’m a mug.

People think that I’m a mug because once a month I go around picking up other people’s litter.

In fact you can call me a Litter Mug. The Litter Mugs is a group of volunteers that clean up Sean Walsh Park, the green lung of Tallaght, for a few hours on one Saturday each month.

I don’t pick up other people’s litter because I like doing it although I do achieve a real sense of satisfaction after each clean up event.

So maybe I do like picking up other people’s junk. Perhaps I’m a kind of junk junky.

Maybe I should be grateful to all of the mindless uncaring people out there that just don’t care about how Tallaght appears.

Those people that can’t be bothered to hold on to that wrapper, empty can or bottle long enough until they come to a rubbish bin.

As a Litter Mug I don’t dislike my nemesis, the litter bug.

Actually I just feel sorry for them.

Clearly they have no real sense or appreciation of their surroundings. A lot of the people that I have noticed littering seem to be well turned out personally.

Obviously they take time to look after their own appearance but couldn’t care less about how their own area looks. They don’t seem to have a sense of their own place. It’s sad really.

I joined the Litter Mugs because it seemed to be the right thing to do.

Tallaght is a great place to live and Sean Walsh Park has the potential to be a really beautiful green space.

I walk my dogs there every day and they seem to really love it. They don’t love getting broken glass in their paws though.

That’s the main reason that I do my bit to try to improve and maintain the appearance of the park. It gives me a lot so I want to give something back.

It’s just three hours out of 210 hours in a 30 day month. That’s not much to give.

The park is there for me 24/7, whenever I need it so I’m happy to give a few hours back every so often. And if that makes me a mug then I’m happy to be a mug.

On the other hand I’d really prefer to be an unemployed Litter Mug.

If there was no more rubbish to be picked up that would just great. A Litter Mug’s nirvana.

Sean Walsh Park would be in pristine condition and I’d have a few extra hours a month to enjoy it. Alas that is a just a pipe dream for now.

At the moment my Litter Mug mates and me are outnumbered by the littering ones. So while the litter just keeps on coming then I’m just going to have to keep on mugging it.

I’ll always be John and I guess that I’ll probably always be a Tallaght Litter Mug.