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Meet Danny


“I’m originally from Latvia and I came to Ireland initially for work experience in 2003 which was supposed for a couple of years. 13 years later I’m still here! I like Ireland, the people are decent. I’ve always lived in Dublin and I’ve been working in Tallaght for ten years. I work as a security guard and I am also an animator. I got into animation almost by accident. Three years ago a friend of mine called Stephen, who is a video game developer, was making a game called The Knight Rider and he was looking for more characters for the game.

I did a rough sketch for him which he liked and asked could he use it in the game. I had never studied animation before and even though I could draw there was so much to learn. I started studying from videos on YouTube and began thinking up stories. I would show my cartoons to my friends and they all laughed and said they were good which was nice!

For my first ebook I did a version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It’s basically the original story just redrawn in a different style.

I’ve just released my second ebook called Hans The Flying Sausage and it’s just been accepted onto the iStore.

Animation is something I want to do in the future. Maybe one day it will be my full time job. At the moment I only know the basic stuff with regard to animation so I would love to go to college to learn more but I don’t really have the time as I have a wife and two small children and they come first. My kids are only two, and four months old so they’re too young at the moment to give me any feedback on my cartoons but I can’t wait until they are older so they can give me their opinions!

I love drawing and when I come home after a late shift after midnight, and all my family is in bed, I find it very relaxing. I think it is so important to do something you love and if you get to do that as a job well you never really are working are you?

I have so many ideas for stories and I hope I get the time to create them all.

At the moment I am looking for an agent and every day I’m contacting publishers to see if they would be interested in selling my work so if anyone is reading this and think they would be interested in talking to me please get in touch!”