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Meet Anne


“I’m 16 years working here in The Square, I’m originally from the inner city, we moved out to Drimnagh then and I grew up there and I’m living in Tallaght now, I’m married 35 years so I’m here in Tallaght 35 years.

I was 50 when I first started here on the Customer Service desk and I’m now 66, I absolutely love it here, I do shovel the makeup on in the morning and fix the hair, yes I do like to look well. There is never a dull moment here.

Before I came here I worked in a shop, a newsagents and a deli. Before that I had my children and before I was married I was a receptionist at St James Hospital for 17 years with Out patients and casualty and I loved that too. I have always worked with the public and I loved hospital.

I used to do the theatre and I was directing plays there and I was acting on stage but the voice is always letting me down now and again and I’m always afraid it would happen on stage so I had to give that up due to the treatment.

I’m happily married, well I’m happy, I hope he is too! I have two children, a son and a daughter. My daughter went off to Australia and met the love of her life and is getting married next year and I have one little granddaughter called Katie. My son only left home a few months back – he’s living in Tallaght Village with a lovely girl so everyone is good.

When I think of the future I think I would like to stay working for as long as I can, I don’t know how long I will be able to but so far, so good and I’m feeling well. I would love to go visit Australia again, I went for the first time this year and that nearly killed me, but it was worth it.

Australia was beautiful I would to live there, they are geared for the heat so I didn’t mind it but the travel and the long time on the plane, it was just a nightmare but I would do it again because it was worth it. I was there for a whole month and the baby was three months when I went there – it was just gorgeous, my husband loved it there too.

In my free time I enjoy painting and I absolutely love the garden, I don’t have as much energy but sure who has at this stage of their lives but that’s what I love to do.

I really love working here in The Square and in the last years especially since my diagnosis. I feel it has saved my life working here because it takes my mind off it and you have to be an actress.

Also my husband is my rock and I’m so delighted I still have him, he wants to do everything for me and I help him by letting him. I’m very happy to have that man I have, I really am.”