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McGregor – “Ireland, Baby, We Did It!”


Conor McGregor becomes the new undisputed UFC Featherweight champion after he knocked out José Aldo in an incredible 13 seconds with a left-hand punch.

“Ireland, Baby, we did it!”

José Aldo former featherweight champion was 10 years undefeated until Mr McGregor arrived on the scene at their fight at UFC 194 in Las Vegas last night. Before the fight McGregor promised that he would knock Aldo out in the first round and boy did he keep his promise managing to knock-out Aldo in just 13 seconds.

McGregor didn’t seem event the slightest bit surprised that he won the new title in 13 seconds, which is now the fastest finish in title fight history! McGregor was incredibly grateful to his remarkable Irish fans everywhere roaring out “Ireland, Baby, we did it!”

“No power, just precision. No speed, just timing.”

Aldo, still totally shell-shocked says they need a rematch, Aldo said: “It wasn’t really a fight. His talking didn’t effect me at all, I really don’t care what he says. We’re going to have to come back here.”