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McGregor fighting homeless crisis in Ireland


Irish UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has released a statement on social media that he will be donating €50,000 to help fight the ongoing homelessness crisis in Ireland. The money will be split into two €25,000 donations and will be donated to both the Simon Community and Focus Ireland. These donations will help to fund a mobile health clinic and support family services.

“I am donating €50,000 from these events to help boost resources of those who are fighting the homeless crisis in Ireland, as we head into the colder weather.”

McGregor also stated that he put some thought and research into choosing the organisations that he would donate to so the money would be put to the best use.

“€25,000 will go to the hard-working Simon Community homeless charity. This €25,000 will fund the mobile health clinic for a full year so the people in need can get the treatment they need, when they need it.” “The other €25,000 I will donate to Focus Ireland which will go towards the Family Services Division which helps family’s (sic) in crisis move on from homelessness.”

“I put time into researching both the Simon Community and Focus Ireland charities. The work of both these organisations is unparalleled with the homeless crisis in our country.”

McGregor is planning to appear at a series of events around the country in the coming days in aid of the country’s ongoing crisis. “We have put together a four day event across the country. Meet fans. Have some fun. Celebrate life, and also help build money to put towards the major crisis we have in our country.”

He will be appearing at The Foundry in Waterford on Friday night the 16th of October , the Savoy in Cork on Saturday the 17th of October and on Monday and Tuesday night he will be appearing at a Q and A in the Wright Venue with his teammates in Dublin.

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