Luas drivers set to announce plans for eight more strike days next month

The never ending industrial dispute shows no sign of being resolved and at this stage any good will the drivers had with the public appears to be all but gone.

The tram was shut for the tenth time last week as drivers took to the picket lines in the long-running dispute over pay with up to 90,000 passengers affected during the latest strike last Wednesday.

Luas drivers, who are represented by SIPTU, have vowed to push on with their pay claim, despite Luas operator Transdev implementing a 10% pay cut as the drivers continue to strike.

Transdev insist that it stands to lose €100,000 every day the drivers strike and management at the company say the 23% pay claim sought by the workers is “unaffordable”.

The tram will be out of service once more on Friday 13 May; Friday 20 May; and Friday 27 May.

There is also a four-hour stoppage planned for Thursday 26 May.

With no further negotiations planned and the possibility of more strikes in June, thousands of passengers are expected to be affected over the coming weeks.