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Local TD leads calls for Mayor of Dublin to be elected by Dubliners


The Dail will debate today on whether Dublin City should have a directly elected Mayor after Dublin South West TD John Lahart presented the Bill he has proposed on the matter to the chamber yesterday.

Introducing the Local Government Reform (Amendment) (Directly Elected Mayor of Dublin) Bill Fianna Fáil TD Lahart said it provided for a plebiscite of Dublin voters.

He also believes one mayor for all the Dublin authorities would be a positive step. He said:

“Currently Dublin has four local authorities, four chief executives, four mayors, 183 councillors, and countless State agencies in Dublin, often competing against each other rather than together.

“A directly elected mayor would provide singular leadership to this structure.”

“The Bill is clear and concise”.

“Once the process is approved, the people of Dublin – stakeholders and citizens with an interest in the future of the capital – will be empowered through the public consultation process embedded in the proposal.”

If it was passed, elections for a mayor would be held in conjunction with the local and European elections in 2019.


The Green Party will bring forward their bill today in suppport of the direct election of a Mayor by the people of Dublin.

The Lord Mayor is currently elected by Dublin City Councillors at the annual meeting of the City Council which is held in City Hall. The current Lord Mayor is Brendan Carr.

The Green Party bill was originally drafted by the party in 2010, because it said Dublin is in need of strong political leadership.

Party leader Eamon Ryan said:

“There’s no political person held to account in terms of how we build housing and public transport in the city.

“It is urgently needed.”