Local community group prove it’s never too late to learn to play music

“Sounds Ensemble” is a community based music group for adults based in Rua Red.

Currently the group has over 35 members from all walks of life, who meet every Thursday evening (7.45-9.20 pm), and enjoy tackling the rhythms of various composers, such as Bach, the Beatles, the waltz king Strauss, and movie themes from the likes of The Sound of Music, West Side Story & The Mission.

We caught up with Terry Clancy, who is the conductor of “Sounds,” to find out more about this ever-growing musical group.

Terry Clancy

In this age of instant pleasure, why should the young have all the fun?

It should be spread around a little more, to include the older generation. And a perfectly good way of treating yourself to some fun and instant pleasure , is to take up a musical instrument and learn to read and play music.

Have you ever given it some thought, as to what it would be like to be able to read, and to play music?

Do you doubt your ability to do so, because you missed out in your youth, and you think the opportunity has passed you by?

Is there an age when you think, “ah sure I’m too old to start now”. Well not in my opinion, and the opinion of many experts.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty about learning music.

You may ask, “Is it a difficult subject to learn? ”

Absolutely not. Forty years’ experience involved in music, and I can swear it’s as easy as A,B,C.

Actually that’s all it is , A,B,C,D,E,F,G the first seven letters of the alphabet. That’s the total amount of letter names in all western music.

What you see and hear on your television, is those same seven notes ascending and descending, in the order the composer wishes you to play them.

Check out “The Morecambe & Wise Show with Andre Previn on “Youtube”, and you will understand exactly what I mean.

Whether you are in a Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Pop Band, Traditional Group, a Singer, pop or operatic, they are all using those same seven notes, hopefully in the correct order.

Now that we can dispel the myth about the difficulty of learning to read music, just seven letter names up and down, our next step is to decide what instrument one should start on.

You have such a wide choice, Clarinet, Saxophone, Tuba, Trumpet, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Flute Keyboards, Drums, the list is endless , but to quote Gay Byrne “there is one for everybody in the audience”,

All the above mentioned, does tend to cost money, so to keep the initial cost down, let me recommend the Recorder as a starting point.

A very inexpensive way to start your musical career with, but as good as anything else to get you going. It is not a child’s instrument as some would think, but a real musical instrument.

You can play the Beatles on it, as you can Mozart, so it caters for all musical tastes, classical and popular. If you are confident to take this idea in hand, I can have you playing and reading music confidently in four weeks, possibly less. So for an initial outlay of 20 euro, (the cost of a recorder & tutor book), you are “home and dry”.

Then, when you feel you want to move on to a “bigger” instrument, that can be organised to your satisfaction. If all the above “sounds” to good to be true, have a look at our web page, and you might take less convincing. www.soundsensemble.ie

“Sounds Ensemble” are a very sociable mature group of musicians, who meet once a week to prepare for one of their 6 concerts a year.

They are a group where your best is always good enough. It is where you can revive your interest in learning.

So if you would you like to fulfil that ambition, to read, and to play a musical instrument, “Sounds” can provide the platform to help you.

Remember, you can start on the recorder, and that can give you a head start, because the financial outlay is so little.

Of course, all the other options are open to you, Clarinet, Flute etc, but that’s where cost comes in. To put you a little more at ease, why don’t you visit Rua Red on any Thursday evening , Music Room1, and listen to fellow members putting those notes;

We are still learning to become good musicians, and it’s the journey that’s so enjoyable. Give yourself this opportunity. Classes can be arranged while the children/grandchildren are at school, or in the evening, up to 9.30pm. Should you have any queries regarding any aspect of music learning, feel free to call the numbers below, or you check in on our page , www.soundsensemble.ie and ask questions.

Terry 01-4514373/ 0876970334

Email; [email protected]