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Litter Mugs clean up again


Tallaght’s volunteer park cleaners, the Litter Mugs, have just completed their latest clean up and restoration project.

The long-neglected Sensory Garden in Sean Walsh Memorial Park has been greatly restored by a small but very dedicated team of volunteers.

This is a separate project from the usual monthly park-wide clean up events that are held on Saturdays.

Every Wednesday a small group of Litter Mugs meet in the Sensory Garden to carefully and lovingly refurbish this once beautiful amenity that is right in the heart of Tallaght.

In 2010 the Sensory Garden won the Saint John of God Hospitaller Services 5th Innovation Award.

The garden was created by South Dublin’s Social Inclusion Unit & Parks Department in association with Menni Services in Tallaght (connected to St. John of God).

The design of the garden was intended to provide for universal accessibility, so other visitors to the garden could also enjoy the sensory quality of space. Since 2010 the appearance and condition of the garden has been allowed to gradually deteriorate.

The Litter Mugs have committed their own time and efforts to restore the garden to it’s original standards and function.

A Litter Mug spokesman said:

“We have worked tirelessly and meticulously on this project.

“For example, we manually applied bread soda and water from the nearby lake to the ground mosaic.

“Using brushes we have scrubbed away years of accumulated moss and dirt so that the mosaic images and text are visible once again.

The Litter Mug volunteers also used their own equipment, provided plants from their own gardens, and even contributed financial resources to purchase plants and flowers for the raised bed.

The spokesman also added:

“We are aware that the South Dublin County Council have limited resources however we will be emphasising the importance of maintaining the beautiful Sensory Garden at our SDCC Deputation Meeting in September.

“We are hopeful that the Council will commit greater resources to support the outstanding efforts of our fantastic volunteers.”

Besides the weekly maintenance of the Sensory Garden the Litter Mugs also continue their monthly clean up events.

New volunteers are always welcome and details of our next Saturday event can be found on out website: www.litter-mugs.org