Irish teenager launches Positivity Packs business to boost mental health


A 17 year old teenager from Limerick, James Corneille, has recently launched a start-up business called Positivity Pack & Skizzie. As part of the Digital Youth Council James created the Positivity Pack, which is “the perfect chill-out kit after those horrible, rainy, hair-pulling, frustrating and unfortunate days”.

Positivity pack

James says:

“If there’s someone in your life right now that you think needs a bit of cheering up, you can do so right now by surprising them with a Positivity Pack, or even get one for yourself. Currently the price starts from €6, with free shipping worldwide and includes items such as Bubble Wrap, Notebook & Pencil, Smiley Stickers, Confetti, De-Stress Guide, Custom Message, Calm Tea Bag, Sweets, Colourful Balloons, Happy Music Playlist, Fun Snaps, and much, much more!”

In an effort to boost people’s mental health, the positivity packs are a lovely idea to show someone you are thinking of them, although you can send it anonymously with a personal message too. It’s like spreading that Friday good vibe feeling to yourself or a friend!

Here’s the promo video for more information.