Lil Wayne does an excellent job of delivering a baby elephant in this Samsung advert


Samsung probably doesn’t need a massive marketing campaign to sell the Galaxy S7 – the phone is pretty awesome, so that should be enough.

But if you can get Lil Wayne to pour champagne over the phone to show exactly how waterproof the new model is, then why not take advantage of that?

In all honesty, that kind of makes us want one. Damn you Samsung, you geniuses.

Wayne also stepped in to promote Samsung’s Virtual Reality headset, Gear VR. It’s the first of many to be released this year by the likes of Oculus and PlayStation, and Samsung have got two suitably cool people in to promote them – this time Wayne is joined by Wesley Snipes.

But it’s the last clip that’s probably the funniest. It sees Wayne once again with the Gear VR on his face, but this time Wesley has joined him on the sofa.

And it would appear that the rapper’s attention has been turned towards the needs of wildlife.

Has he found a new calling?