LG presents headphones that disinfect themselves with ultraviolet light

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If something has brought about the coronavirus pandemic that we have had to live through, it is that We have become expert disinfectants of any object that enters our homes. Be it a package of bread, clothes, shoes or those mobile phones and headphones that we usually have the habit of leaving them on any surface of the office, the bar or the restaurant where we eat every day.

LG HBS-FN6 Tone Free.

So disinfection devices have proliferated rapidly in recent months with a special attention in those who use ultraviolet light technology since, according to experts, it is the energy source that can best eliminate the threat of coronavirus, and other infectious agents, after a minimum exposure of a few seconds.

Ultraviolet light case

So LG has taken advantage of that pull by disinfecting as much as we can and has put on the market these curious HBS-FN6 Tone Free bluetooth headphones that, regardless of their acoustic or design virtues, they have such a differentiating argument that it can decide the decision for many users to buy it and, thus, feel somewhat more secure.

LG HBS-FN6 Tone Free.

It is a round case, very compact, that recharges the headphones after many hours of use and that, as you can see from the image you have just below, emits ultraviolet light on surfaces most exposed to contamination to clean them completely. According to the manufacturer, its success rate reaches 99.9% for all types of bacteria and pathogens that could cause ear infections.

LG HBS-FN6 Tone Free.

In addition to that essential component of these LG HBS-FN6 Tone Free, the headphones boast a design inspired by Apple Airpods, only in black (They will also come in white), and a finish with pads to enhance the noise cancellation effect. In addition, it incorporates Meridian HSP technology, which is the usual partner of Koreans to provide audio support for their smartphones, with really good results.

If what you are looking for, besides design and audio quality is autonomy, these LG HBS-FN6 Tone Free have six hours of continuous playback to which must be added the 18 provided by the case. In total, we have 24 real hours of use, which can help us to have them active and without going through a charger for two or three days, depending on the rod that we give it. In addition, it has IPX4 certification so we can use them in the rain without fear of damage.

In addition to all the above, it is a model compatible with Siri and the Google assistant and if you are interested in them, They already appear on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 148.99 euros.

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