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Leaving Cert Points System Overhauled


The Department of Education have announced that the grading and Third Level points system in the Leaving Certificate is receiving its first overhaul in over 20 years.

From the Leaving Cert of 2017 the number grading system will change from the existing A/NG to H1/H8 in Higher Papers and O1-O8 at Ordinary Level. This will reduce the amount of grades awarded at each Level from 14 to just 8. This change will first impact those student who just this week have started 5th year.

Currently a mark of 5% generally separates Leaving Certificate grades but under the new system, a grade will cover a 10% stretch of marks.

The CAO points system is also set for an overhaul and under the new scale any points score from 0 to 625 will be possible, unlike the current system which goes up in increments of 5; this will reduce the number of students applying for the same course that could potentially tie on points, meaning random selection will be drastically reduced.

It is hoped that the new system will encourage more students to sit the exams at the higher level.