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Killinarden Man Completes Body Transformation

At the start of 2017 James Rafferty took on the challenge to transform his body in just under 6 months and compete on stage at his first ever Men’s Physique event.

In January he weighed 187lbs and shed weight and body fat to get in shape for the Men’s Physique competition which takes place in Belfast this weekend.

James said: “I didn’t think I had the look, the mental capacity or the willpower to be able to stand up to this 6 month undertaking!”

“People are fixated on the outcome of their goals but I just got my head down and worked on the process – day after day of training, working, dieting, putting relationships on hold and having an imbalance in my life for the first half of 2017. I’ve put everything into the last 6 months and I’ll proudly step up on stage regardless of the result and be content knowing I did what I set out to do. Compete.”

While he has been training the Killinarden man has been working two jobs; with his 9-5 in the banking sector and working mornings and evenings as a Personal Trainer in Flyefit Ranelagh as well as maintaining his own training.

He said: “Going from 187lbs to 159lbs in little over five months does take adherence and consistency – especially when competing. Although, in this timeframe I did have sugary blow outs, takeaways and other foods that are deemed to be ‘bad’. If you’re trying to lose weight, ‘tone-up’ or just get fitter in general – you can do it while maintaining a life balance. I know this. I have done it!”

James Rafferty

The Killinarden man plans to celebrate the achievement with a Competition for Cake once he finishes competing – offer free personal training sessions for the winner.

He is asking entrants to bake him a celebratory cake – which he has avoiding for 6 months – to win a free 1-on-1 Personal Training session and consultation as well as a 6 week block of online coaching.

The coaching also includes a diet and training plan with check-ins every 2 weeks for measurements and online coaching from James.

For more information visit James Rafferty Health or follow James’ journey on Instagram: James Rafferty.