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Jobstown writer releases crime novella


Jobstown native Sean Urell is a local writer who has recently released a crime novella. Sean, aged 36, wrote the book under the pen-name Turlough Delaney. Entitled The Pact, it was picked up last year by British publisher Number Thirteen Press and went on sale in July 2015.

Here’s what the book is about:

A Dublin funeral, and three friends come together on a solemn mission to strike back against the city’s drug dealers. For Santy it’s a sacred duty to the community. For Leo, it’s an opportunity to indulge violent tendencies and pay off some debts at the same time. For Dean? Unemployed and still living at home, it isn’t as if he has anything better to do than go along with his friend’s plan.

But not everyone is playing straight, and there is more to uncover than just the name of the next target on the list. Between vengeance, idealism and greed, each begins to question the motives of the others. And when the Garda start nosing around it’s clear that somebody’s been talking, but who?

They’re about to find out that some secrets are buried for a reason.

The Pact

Sean had previously published poetry in the Writer’s Corner section of InTallaght magazine. He writes mostly in his spare time. He told us:

“The reality is these day that it’s very difficult for writers to earn a living out of their writing alone – unless you’re JK Rowling or Stephen King that is. The bottom line is, I write because I love it, not for any financial rewards. Saying that, it would be lovely to make a living from it, mostly so I could give up the day job and dedicate all my time to writing!”

Sean also told us how it feels to have his first book published:

“It’s nice to have something out there that people can get hold of relatively easily (and cheaply) and read and, hopefully, enjoy. It also means going forward I now have a track record as a fiction writer – if I want to get something else published I can point to The Pact and say ‘Look, I’ve done this already’. It’s how you get the ball rolling on a writing career I guess.”

Sean’s book is available to buy on Amazon here for £4.95/€6.33 for paperback and 99p/€1.27 for the Kindle version.