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Jobstown the focus of new TV3 series starting tonight


Titled “This is Jobstown” the four part fly-on-the-wall series spends a year with some of the families living in Jobstown and explores life in the local estate.

Last year TV3’s first “Edge of Town” series looked at people living in the northside estate of Darndale and now their focus moves southside in this years new series.

In tonights opener we meet the Coomber family, who live in a small three bedroom house with eleven people.

Darcy Coomber and his girlfriend Dawn also live in the house along with their six month old baby Layla.

They share a small room with Darcy’s two brothers and are desperate to find a landlord that accepts the council’s HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) scheme, something most landlords have been refusing.

We also meet ex UFC fighter, Jobstown legend and friend of InTallaght Paddy Holohan who is facing his toughest battle to date as a rare medical condition has finally caught up with him, forcing him to give up his hugely successful career in the octagon.

As he tries to accept the hand that fate has dealt him, an opportunity he cannot refuse arises when he is asked to open his own state-of-the-art gym in Tallaght, a training venue never seen before on this scale in Ireland.

The cameras follow Paddy on his journey as he tries to turn what could have been a disastrous situation to his advantage.


Despite his success at an international level, Paddy reveals on tonights show how he has never wanted to live anywhere but Jobstown.

He says:

“I just couldn’t picture myself living in another part of the city. I’d like to be able to buy this house and buy another house.

“I’ll always keep this house.

“The road, the people around me, it’s ­Jobstown. I’ll never be able to get another council house in Jobstown with so much history.

“I’d hate to walk by this house and not be able to walk in the door. I’m happy here.”

‘This is Jobstown’ starts tonight at 9pm on TV3 with catch up on 3player.