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Jobstown Not Guilty March

Large crowds gathered at two separate locations in Tallaght to support the ‘Jobstown Not Guilty’ March this afternoon.

They were protesting the prosecution of seven local men accused of the false imprisonment of Labour TD Joan Burton during a visit to Tallaght in November 2014.

The event was organised to support the defendants with two groups marching from Tallaght Cross and Tallaght Leisure Centre, before joining up along the route.

The march came to a stop in the middle of Jobstown where supporters – along with some of those currently on trial – addressed the crowd and delivered speeches.

The march was organised by the Tallaght group who have been encouraging Tallaght residents to ‘Stand With Jobstown’ in a bid to have charges against seven local men dropped.

The accused, which include TD Paul Murphy and South Dublin County Councillor’s Mick Murphy and Kieran Mahon, are currently on trial and the protest march was organised to highlight the support that they, and the other defendants, have within the community.

Cllr Murphy posted a video of the march to his Facebook page earlier this afternoon:

There were also solidarity protests held across the country on Saturday afternoon to offer support for the accused who will return to court next week.