Jobstown House Does Community Service

With more than 35,000 views already Jobie TV has proven to be a very successful ‘social media experiment’ for Tallaght pub, The Jobstown House.

The team behind the ‘CarPool Caraoke’ series revealed that the series is coming to an end but there are still one more instalment to be shown – with the biggest surprise yet to come.

This week the staff take on the challenge and belt out Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – which even features a special split screen section.

The employees taking part include Johnny Price, Gavin Bardon, Paul Hicks, Peter Gifford, Glenn Moran, Laura Sheridan and Teresa Jones Check it out:

Manager John Kilbride has so far been the standout story of the series, earning plaudits for his humorous and down-to-earth approach to promoting positivity throughout Jobstown.

The well-known barman has been challenging James Corden for the Karaoke King title with his enthusiasm, flare for the dramatic and slick singing skills.

Although there has been a drop-off in the number of people tuning in each week the Jobstown House has not let the standards slip with quality videos every Friday.

Produced by Garry McGovern of Orfan Productions each video shows John picking up a customer and dropping them somewhere local – with a song and some banter in between.

The tried and tested concept works well but it is the rapport between John and his customers that make the videos both endearing and hilarious in equal parts.

Jobstown – and Tallaght in general – glistens through the car window as John and his passengers zip around, singing their hearts out all in the name of entertainment and community.

These ‘CarPool Caraoke’ videos do not just represent the fun and frivolity of the Jobstown Community but the bond that residents have with each other; and their willingness to put themselves out there without fear of recrimination, because they know the community has them covered.

This refreshing and innovative approach to showcasing the business has also put the community in the spotlight – and for this reason the local pub should be commended for doing the community a great service.

When Jobie TV ceases to be next week there will undoubtedly be a few sad locals but we expect the swan song to be epic… Tune in from 6pm next Friday to see how they bow out.