Jobs in Dublin – Finglas site is intended for a prime location for 2,200 households and a major boost to jobs

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A site in North Dublin has been designated as a prime location to deliver 2,200 homes and 2,000 jobs in a big boost for the area.

Plans are underway to convert the brownfields between McKee Avenue and Jamestown Road, north of Finglas Village, from low-density industrial units to a new environmentally sustainable community, with a mix of state-of-the-art housing units and business premises. generation.

The total site is 43.11 hectares with local companies that are already in the area looking to get involved and improve for the well-being of their company and staff.

It is close to where the new Luas route is planned to be and within walking distance of Finglas Village and will also be served by BusConnects route service.

Tony Boyle, President of Sigma Wireless Group and Partner of the Finglas Employers Group, said: “This is a once in a generation opportunity to turn what is currently underutilized land into a thriving community where people live and work in Dublin City. .

“All the companies in our group have deep roots in the local area and many of our staff live nearby, so we hope to develop the kind of workplaces that they deserve and that can host a job much greater than ours. current facilities. .

In addition, development will help address the current chronic housing situation in Dublin and will offset the need for at least some of our people to live long distances from our city, forcing them to endure long commutes and a greatly reduced quality of life. “.

Before and after plans for the Finglas site

Brian Hogan, KSG Limited, said: “The fact that our lands and the adjacent sites covered by this master plan are within the M50, just over four miles from O’Connell Street, gives an idea of ​​how central they are. . Yet today, they support limited employment in very outdated industrial premises and zero homes.

“All of that potential can now be unlocked. Those who live and work here will benefit greatly from the extension of the green line from Luas to Finglas, as well as the Finglas Core Bus Corridor, all of which will help connect the site with downtown and back living.

“To ensure that the housing developed on our lands is affordable and accessible to people, Finglas Employers Group will partner with one of Ireland’s largest approved housing bodies to offer mixed tenure developments including private, social and affordable housing for buying and renting. . This can be a real win-win for Finglas and Dublin in general. “

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