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JobBridge scheme comes to an end


The controversial JobBridge scheme has been axed following a decision by new Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar to end it. 

Fine Gael TD for Dublin North West, Noel Rock welcomed the news:

“While it’s clear that there is a benefit to gaining work experience and getting on the jobs ladder, there is also ample evidence to suggest that the abuses of the JobBridge scheme were outweighing any good that it did. As such, I think it is now right to discontinue it at this stage.” 

noel rock
Minister Noel Rock

Minister Rock had proposed a number of reforms to JobBridge in 2014, including stricter limits in relation to term length and the number of interns a company could take on over a five-year period. However, these weren’t implemented and he said that “unfortunately young people were often poorly served by the scheme, with inadequate work placements and bad practice being highlighted regularly.” He continued:

“As the economic recovery widens and deepens through all sectors, we are thankfully seeing the rate of youth unemployment fall. As such, the JobBridge scheme is now past its sell-by date. I welcome the speed with which Minister Varadkar has recognised this fact, and look forward to further reforms”.