Final countdown for candidates today as latest poll says hung Dail likely


The political parties and independents alike are wrapping up their campaigns this morning ahead of the broadcast moratorium which begins at 2pm afternoon. But according to a newly released poll they may have to do it all again very soon.

The Irish Polling Indicator, which combines all opinion polls in one estimate of public opinion, gives Fine Gael a 28.6 per cent share of the vote and the Labour Party 6.6 per cent.

Both parties will need a massive improvement on these numbers if they’re to have any chance of retaining power tomorrow.

The polling indicator suggests there has been a significant shift in support for some of the parties over the past few months.

The poll also shows Fine Gael was trending upward in the latter part of 2015 but its momentum stalled since the election was called.

Labour, which was already at a low ebb, has suffered a further marginal decline since the election campaign began.

By contrast, the figures point to a modestly positive trend for Fianna Fáil over the last weeks, with the party now on almost 21 per cent, moving ahead of Sinn Féin to become the second largest party in the polls as election day nears.

This election has been very unpredictable in terms of share of vote, no party has established momentum over the course of the campaign.