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U2 Songs of Experience Album News



Fans of U2 will be excited to hear that the Edge has confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine that the band has 50 song ideas to narrow down for the next release from the iconic Dublin band.

U2  have recently finished  touring the world following their latest release ‘Songs of Innocence’, the much talked about album which was free to iTunes users with the next album expected to have the title ‘Songs of Experience’.  The guitarist said ‘Including a lot of my really rough demos – I’m not suggesting they’re finished, by any means – there’s actually 50 pieces of music that I’ve put time into.’

The Edge wouldn’t guess as to when the album could be released or even when the band will return to the studio to start making what would be the bands 14th album. ‘It’s really hard to say at this point when it will be done,” The Edge, real name David Evans said. “We’re definitely still in the weeds here’.

Fans of the band will also be pleased to know that they are planning on going out on tour again having enjoyed doing the previous shows, which has also got the creative juices flowing for what they could do with the production from this tour going forward. ‘We had such a great time playing recently. The way the show came together, we were really happy with it. Also, it seemed, for us, to suggest that there were ways to develop this particular tour using similar production’.

Fear not that you will be getting the same show in a few years time as he continued ‘I think if we go out again, there’ll definitely be some changes. It won’t be the same show.’ He continued ‘There were so many new moments, live moments, for us. It’s very hard for a band that’s toured as many years as we have to conjure up something that’s totally fresh and different and stand alongside moments from previous tours that are considered ‘classic live concerts.’ But I think this tour really, in many ways, kind of superseded and surpassed the U2 shows of the past.’

That’s good news all around for fans who enjoyed the latest album and tour. For more on this story read the full article at http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/edge-u2-have-50-ideas-for-next-album-20160329#ixzz44PiUO7HC