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IT Tallaght students set to stage sit in protest tomorrow


Students in IT Tallaght are planning to stage a sit-in tomorrow to protest at the college’s delay in hiring a new full-time secretary for the students’ union.

Institute of Tallaght Students’ Union (ITTSU), who are organising the sit in, explained via a Facebook post why they are taking action:

“We are protesting this Friday after 4 months of false and broken promises.
“No students’ union secretary to date has caused:
“SU closures
“Restricted services
“Massive increase in work load
“Backlog of work.

“It’s time ITT listen”

In an interview The University Times, ITTSU President Jason Kavanagh, said not having a full time secretary in place has put pressure on the union with their three full-time officers forced to take on more duties, and work longer hours, unpaid, to the make sure the admin in the union was done.

Kavanagh said:

“I alone have done over 300 hours of overtime since July, even with that I stopped counting some time ago.

“There’s only so much I can ask from my team and the line has been crossed when the college clearly ignores the student voice.”

“The mental health of the students’ union has been pushed to the limit, there have been breakdowns and strains on every form of relationship we have.