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IT Tallaght merger raises “issues and grievances” among academic staff


The proposed merger of IT Tallaght with DIT and IT Blanchardstown has been questioned by senior academic staff at DIT who say their concerns are not being taken seriously.

With plans to merge the three institutions into a technological university for Dublin, 18 department head from have written to DIT President Prof Brian Norton to express the “serious nature of the issues and grievances” over the merger.

They accuse the President of not taking their fears over the merger seriously, the main one being that the campus won’t be big enough to accommodate the number of students. They also want clarification over their own roles in the new technological university.

Thanking them for the letter, Professor Norton said they had raised a number of issues he would reflect on with the steering group.

“It is time for meaningful discussions to take place on academic provision and organisation design, but it is important that everyone has a sense of ownership of this complex process if we are to succeed,” he said.

DIT, ITB and ITT came together in October 2011 in a formal alliance to establish a Technological University for Dublin.

The Alliance Steering Group consists of the three Presidents – Professor Brian Norton (DIT), Mr Thomas Stone (IT Tallaght) and Dr Diarmuid O’Callaghan (ITB) – and the TU4Dublin Programme Leader, Dr Mary Meaney (seconded from her post as President of ITB).

The Technological University will be developed on three campuses at Grangegorman, Blanchardstown and Tallaght, and the fourth campus which will be digital and will link all student services and resources; academic, support and recreational.