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It looks like Dr Dre might release more music

After Dr Dre released 2015′s Compton, everyone pretty much assumed that the producer was finished making music for good (the record took over 15 years to make so it kind of seemed like an ending note for Dre). But in an interview with 1 Extra, Anderson .Paak revealed that Dre is in fact back in the studio.

.Paak said: “He’s working right now, doing a lot of work right now,” and added: “I can’t really speak about it.”

Very mysterious. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here though – Dre “working” could mean he’s helping out .Paak, Kendrick Lamar or a number of other artists. Plus, most of the music Dre makes doesn’t actually see the light of day, as he’s such a perfectionist.

Discussing working with the legend, .Paak said:

“It was so quick [recording with Dre], 80/90% of what I did was used and then it was out. That’s not usually the case with Dre. A lot of people who work with Dre, you’re lucky if anything sees the light of day. It was a blessing to have all that stuff go to market at the pace it did. It’s cool to be able to work with him at this place in his career when he’s just ready to go.”

He said that Dre was the “realest” and didn’t care about any of the “extra stuff,” adding he is “all about the music”. .Paak also revealed that working with Dre was a blessing but also has its drawbacks – the legendary producer plays music “ridiculously loud” in the studio.