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Is Google Chrome about to replace Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular web browser?


Microsoft could be about to lose its status as the most used web browser, with Google Chrome set to replace it among desktop computer users.

According to the latest round of statistics from analytics firm Net Applications, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, as well as its new Edge web browser, saw numbers drop by around 1.4% in March to 43.4% of the market share.

Internet Explorer
(Damian Dovarganes/AP)

Meanwhile the number of devices running Chrome jumped 2.5% – absorbing all the lost users from Microsoft’s two browsers as well as fellow rival Mozilla and its Firefox software. This pushed Chrome to 39.1% at the end of March, just over 4% behind Microsoft.

The worry for Microsoft will be that its numbers are down from 56.5% a year ago, so if the slide continues at its current rate, Chrome will be out in front by the summer, if not sooner.

The reason for the decline in Internet Explorer could be down to Microsoft ending support for some versions of Internet Explorer, as the software is superseded by Windows 10 and its new native browser, Edge. However, instead of updating or getting Windows 10, it appears a chunk of the user base has decided to go elsewhere.

Chrome and Internet Explorer
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According to the figures, even those who have moved to Windows 10 aren’t universally using Edge as the default browser. The stats show that only around 30.4% of Windows 10 users are running Edge, despite it being the pre-installed browser for the software.

Microsoft will be hoping that the anniversary update that’s coming to Windows 10 can push more users into upgrading, and adopting Edge in the process.