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Irish short film Stutterer takes Oscar back to Dublin


It was a time for celebration last night as Dublin director and writer Benjamin Cleary’s short film Stutterer took home the Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film. 

Starring Matthew Needham, Chloe Perrie and Eric Richard, Stutterer tells the tale of a man’s lush inner thoughts that are rendered mute by a crippling stutter, leaving him feeling isolated from the world despite a flourishing online relationship.

The film was produced by Bare Golly Films, and also won nine awards on the festival circuit including Best Foreign Film at LA Shorts Fest 2015, the Audience Award and Best International Short Film at Kerry Film Festival 2015, Special Jury Award at the Savannah Film Festival and Audience Awards at the OFFline Film Festival and the DC Shorts Film Festival.

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Cleary said when accepting the Oscar last night:

“Every day is a proud day to be Irish, but today even more so… Sláinte!”

Stutterer is distributed by Dublin-based distributor, Network Ireland Television (NITV), Ireland’s foremost independent T.V. and film distribution company. Derry O’Brien, Managing Director of NIT commented on the win:

“It is an astonishing achievement for a first time director like Ben, on a minuscule budget (£5000), to have his short film not only nominated but to actually win the Oscar. Another of Ben’s short film scripts for Love is a Sting, which we also represent, shows great promise. Ben’s success will be an inspiration to other young filmmakers who can “dream in gold”, to quote the banner from the Oscars.”

Stutterer can be viewed on the RTÉ player here.