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Irish broadband among most expensive and slowest in Europe

A new survey has revealed that Ireland is one of the most expensive countries in the world for broadband even though speeds here are among the slowest in Europe.
The survey, conducted earlier this year by UK company BDRC Continental and broadband comparison site cable.co.uk, covered 196 countries and found the average price of broadband in Ireland is €60.57, the 6th most expensive in the developed world.
The only countries where consumers pay more being: Malta (€83.27), Liechtenstein (€75.42), Norway (€69.70), Switzerland (€69.17) and Iceland (€61.61) were reported to be more expensive than Ireland.
Overall Ireland ranked 69th out of the 196 countries in terms of the most expensive broadband.

In comparison the UK is almost 50% cheaper than Ireland with an average cost of €34.63.

The cheapest country in the EU was Poland, where the average monthly price is €16.16.

The three cheapest countries in western Europe are Italy (€24.53), Germany (€28.96) and Denmark (€30.50).

Iran ranking as the cheapest in the world with an average of €4.58 per month, with Ukraine second (€4.69) and Russia third at €8.42.

Burkina Faso ranked as the most expensive, with an average price of a whopping €819.47 per month, with countries in sub-Saharan Africa also ranked near the top with Namibia (€374.14), Zimbabwe (€144.81), and Mali (€139.24) featuring in the top 10.

In a previous survey by Cable.co.uk in August on countries broadband speeds, Ireland finished behind 25 other European countries and 36th in the world with an average broadband speed of 13.92Mbs.