Ireland social welfare update as more than 90,000 PUP recipients receive a surprise payment

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PUP recipients have seen an increase in their payments this week as the Department of Social Welfare issued arrears.

90,346 people have received yesterday an additional arrears payment from PUP that in total exceeds 49 million euros.

The Department of Social Protection states that approximately 30,000 of these payments are no longer received from PUPs and late payments will be sent to designated financial institutions.

Consequently, anyone expecting a late payment should check their bank account or check with their post office where they had been collecting their weekly payment.

This week, PUP payments from the Department of Social Protection have been valued at 125.4 million euros and have been made to 420,773 people.

This is in addition to the 183,096 people who were on the Live Register at the end of March.

Speaking on the latest PUP figures, Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys said: “The efforts of the Irish people to suppress this virus are having a really positive impact.

“This week we again see a welcome reduction in Covid-19 cases, in hospitalizations and in ICU admissions. If we continue to make this kind of progress, we will be in a good position to consider further easing of restrictions in May and June. These decisions will be closely considered by the Cabinet next week. “

Dublin is the county with the highest number of people receiving PUP this week at 135,295. They are followed by Cork (42,003) and Galway (22,733).

Currently 1,689 people also receive the extended sickness benefit.

The sector with the highest number of people receiving PUP this week is that of Accommodation and Food Services (103,271), followed by Wholesale and Retail Trade (67,832) and Construction (48,933).

The construction sector has seen the largest decrease in the number of people receiving PUPs this week, with 1,236 fewer people receiving the payment compared to last week.

48% of those who received the PUP this week are receiving the maximum rate of € 350.

The Department of Social Protection also warned recipients of several phone and text scams that are circulating.

They say: “Customers and members of the public are reminded of fraudulent phone calls and fraudulent text messages that they may receive from people pretending to be Department officials. These calls and text messages display a variety of numbers. Call or send is requested. a text message to report it to the Gardaí immediately. “

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