Iran has sidelined India from a major trade deal over its delaying tactics

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Iran and India signed an agreement in 2016 to build a 628 km long railway line from Chahbahar port to Zahedan, photo: file

Tehran: Iran has decided to complete the project on its own by separating India from the railway project from Chahbahar port to Zahedan due to continuous delay tactics.

According to the World News Agency, Iran has not released funds for the construction of the 628 km long railway line from Chahbahar port to Zahedan and has used various delaying tactics to separate India from the 400 million major trade project. Has decided to complete on its own.

The Iranian government has begun finalizing plans for a 400 billion partnership with China, as well as a railway line from the port of Chah-e-Bihar to Zahedan after Iran delayed a deal with India over a key project. Has decided to use 400 million from the Iranian National Development Fund for the project.

There has been no reaction from India to Iran’s decision. Opposition party Congress has slammed the Modi government, calling the departure of a major trade project from India a “great loss”.

It should be noted that an agreement was reached between Iran and India in 2016 for this project along the border with Afghanistan. I had to finish.

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