iPhone cases with liquid glitter recalled after causing skin irritation, burns

US firm MixBin Electronics have recalled some of their iPhone cases after consumers reported skin irritation and burns caused by the liquid glitter in the cases.

The cases being recalled are those with liquid glitter floating inside the plastic.

The liquid and glitter can leak out of the case, causing burns and skin irritation, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission who say there have been 24 reports of skin irritation or chemical burns worldwide, with 19 of those in the United States.

One consumer has permanent scarring from a chemical burn and another reported chemical burns and swelling on her face, neck, chest, upper body, hands, and legs.

Even tough the recall mainly affects the US, Canada and Mexico the cases were also sold online.

The affected cases, which were manufactured in China, were sold on Amazon.com, GetMixBin.com and on victoriassecret.com.

Consumers should stop using the cases immediately and contact MixBin Electronics for a refund.

If you think you may have an affected case please visit the company’s website.