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InTallaght journo is headline news at Ireland’s Euro 2016 opener in Paris


Our journalist Rachel Lynch is all over The Herald today after she allegedly attended the Ireland v Sweden match in the Stade de France yesterday afternoon.

This came as news to the management at InTallaght Magazine who were not aware she was using her time off to go to the game.

A staff insider, who wished to remain anonymous, told us:

“Rachel had already used up all her annual leave and had no time left to take off.

“Last month she approached HR and said she really needed some extra days off as she was planning on going to Lourdes for the week.

“She said she had to accompany a “load a aul wans” on the trip that would take ten days as they were planning on going by bus and stopping off at various monasteries along the way.”

It turns out though she may have been telling porkies.



According to reports in todays Herald she was at the match along with pals Danielle and Sinead and everyone knows you can believe absolutely everything you read in Da Herald.

Nobody has been able to get a quote from InTallaght proprietor Edward Lam who hasn’t been seen since attending the Nelly concert in the 3Arena last night.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but already staff at InTallaght have christened Rachel “Stephen Ireland” after the ex Ireland international who famously made up a story about his granny dying to get out of playing a match.

The staff insider, who still wishes to remain anonymous, told us that Edward Lam is likely to go “off his bleedin’ banger” when he finds out his popular colleague has been lying to him.

“I don’t know how he’s going to take it to be honest.

“He’s a fairly chilled out guy but this is serious stuff.

“The fact she said she was going to Loudres and the addition of the aul wans into the story gives it all a sinister edge.

“She’s in the Herald today and you what, she may well be looking for a job off them next week when she gets back.

“She even told us all she was going to say Rosaries for us.

“This isn’t going to end well.”


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