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Instagram seeks to give more importance to their stories, so a new design in the app is about to arrive and this is how it will look.

Instagram Stories new double row design
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Thanks to the arrival of Instagram stories It was possible to share more of your day to day and learn in detail everything that your favourite ones do. Over time, Instagram stories it also improved its functions; from adding filters, stickers, music and even fun surveys. And now, the stories will be renewed once again with a new design.

The objective of Instagram is to give more importance to their stories, which have become the most striking of the application. Therefore, the format of Instagram stories will change, if they are shown in a single row they will now be visible in two; with the possibility of sliding from left to right and vice versa.

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The content of eight different users can be viewed on your home screen, in a double layout and at the bottom, the most recent publications of all those you follow will continue.

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For now the new design of Instagram stories It is in test mode, mainly in Europe, where several users are already enjoying it. Apparently the format has been activated mainly in iOS users, who have an iPhone. However, it is confirmed that the update will be available for both iOS-like Android.

Best of all, you can enjoy it soon thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Friend Kit with the best connectivity of #LaRedDeTusEmociones. Just make sure to always keep your app updated, which you can do from Google Play, to be one of the first to be released in Mexico.

On the other hand, if you have not been completely convinced by this new design of Instagram Stories, there will be an option to return to the original design of the application; with a single row of stories and being the most important posts and photographs on Instagram.

So far there is no official date in which the new stories of Instagram; that’s why it is important to constantly update your app. And regarding the comments of those who have already been able to test them, these have been diverse:

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