India 47 goats quarantined after shepherd’s corona test tested positive

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Goat saliva samples sent to laboratory, photo Indian media

Bangalore: In the Indian state of Karnataka, 47 goats were quarantined after a shepherd’s corona test came back positive.

According to Indian media, four goats died mysteriously in a village near Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, on which the shepherd’s corona was tested which came back positive. The shepherd’s condition is out of danger.

When the shepherd’s corona test came back positive, the villagers were shocked and decided to quarantine 47 goats. When the news of quarantining goats went viral on social media, the government also took action.

The Director of Livestock Health visited the village and took a sample of goat saliva for corona test. In addition, an autopsy will be performed on the dead goats to determine the cause of death.

Karnataka officials say samples from goats have been sent to a laboratory. So far there is no evidence that the coronavirus has been transmitted from humans to animals, but goats have been tested for reassurance.

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