'I can bring the Pope for a free kebab': Colin Farrell talks Abrakebabra on Jimmy Kimmel


Colin Farrell has revealed he has a card which allows him to eat unlimited food at Abrakebabra.

Last year, the Dublin actor told US TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel about his fondness of the Irish takeaway.

Abrakebabra is apparently one of his first stops when he comes home to Ireland.

Farrell bragged to Kimmel that he has a gold card which means he can enjoy free kebabs for the rest of his life.

“I was the first person to get the gold card. They did it for me.”

According to Farrell, Bono has also received a gold card but said that he doubts the U2 frontman uses it.

The Castleknock native said that his card has been getting great use.

I haven’t paid for a kebab in five years, man.”

He did reveal that on one occasion he went in and the woman who served him had no clue who he was and he didn’t have his card.

“So I gave her the €8…it was tough,” he joked.

This week, the Killing of a Sacred Deer actor appeared on the show again to promote his new film The Gentleman and the topic of Abrakebabra came up again.

He revealed that because he had praised Abrakebabra and “took the whole f**king thing international” by praising their food on both Kimmel’s show and on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, he has now been awarded a black card.

Farrell is the only person to have a black card.

“The Pope doesn’t have one. I can bring the Pope for a free kebab because that’s what I get.

“The gold card I could feed myself for free, with the black card I can feed the two of us.”

The 43-year-old even took out the card to show it off.

The back of the exclusive card reads: “Absolutely no restrictions apply to Colin Farrell the original gold card holder.

Speaking about his upcoming role as The Penguin in next year’s The Batman, Kimmel said he was surprised that he was cast as previous incarnations of the comic book vilain have usually been short and fat.

“I have some time to eat…about three weeks…I’ll just go back to Abrakebabra with my black card and I’ll be sorted,” Farrell joked.

He said that they are in the process of finalising the aesthetic of his character.

Farrell said that his children are tired of him playing villains and are even embarrassed of him for it.

If his deep grá for Abrakebabra isn’t proof enough that Farrell is as Irish as Tayto, he revealed that he took a 23 & Me DNA test which showed that he is about 98.7% Irish.

“I’m so disappointed that I’m not the real deal,” he said of his 1.3% Central European result.