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Hozier reveals ‘difficult childhood’


Wicklow singer Hozier revealed in a recent interview with RTÉ’s The Meaning of Life, that his childhood was a difficult one. The singer-songwriter told Gay Byrne that he felt his childhood ended when he was six, after his Dad was left wheelchair-bound post spinal surgery.

Hozier said that the surgery caused irreparable nerve damage. “That’s where childhood ends. That was, I suppose, the watershed of childhood. It changed all of our lives. It changed his life, it kind of ruined his life in a big way.”

Hozier credited his Mother for staying strong throughout. ”I don’t know how my mum did it. When you’re on morphine the whole time… you’re watching someone you love kind of fade away in many ways.

Nowadays though, Hozier said that his father is doing “much, much better.”