How to read the gas from your mobile to avoid errors on the bill

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How To Read The Gas From Your Mobile To Avoid

With the current situation of confinement, many households are not being visited in person to carry out the usual registration of the gas meter. This, added to the problems that may exist at the level of saturation of telephone lines in the gas companies themselves, encourages solutions such as the one we will detail below: do the gas reading ourselves and send it from the mobile phone.

The method that we are going to use is valid with the two large gas trading companies: Endesa and Gas Natural Fenosa (now Naturgy). In fact, marketers such as Endesa are recommending this method via email to avoid making estimated readings and to be able to collect the actual invoice.

Reading from the mobile

My accountant The first thing will be to register the CUPS of the meter. This number is found on your gas bill, reflected as the ‘CUPS Code’.

To use this application it will be necessary to have access to the gas meterotherwise we will not be able to see the reading. Once we have verified that we have access, the first thing we have to do is download the YoLeoGas app. It is the application that Endesa is recommending to its clients and, in our case, we have been able to successfully test it by sending data that has been correctly read by the company.

The first thing we have to do is record the CUPS code on our gas bill. The obvious question here is, What is and where is this CUPS code located? CUPS stands for Unified Supply Point Code and it aims to identify each power supply point.


You will find it on your gas bill, depending on your distributor and type of invoice. It is easy to find as it clearly states ‘CUPS code’. In our case, with an Energy XXI (Endesa) invoice, the data is found in the ‘Contract Data’ section, although the application itself gives us possible locations for this CUPS code.

Once we have copied the CUPS we paste it into the application. If you recognize it as the identifier of a compatible marketer, we can proceed to perform the reading

Once we have it written down, we just have to give the counter a name (whatever we want, this is simply to have it saved) and enter the CUPS. For example, you can put ‘My counter’, enter the code and save it.

Gas Meter When the reading is done well, the camera interface turns green.

When we have saved the code, the app will invite us to take the first photo. We must go to where the counter is and try to square the photo as much as possible. The app has an automatic mode that shows the interface in green when the image has been detected correctly. When this happens, we take the photo.

Reading Before sending the photo we must make sure that all the black numbers are recognized. Reds do not apply.

After doing this, the numbers that have been recognized in the reading will be indicated. We recommend not sending the reading until all the numbers (black) are recognized, without there being interrogations in any of them. If we consider that the photograph has good quality and we have ensured that all the numbers correspond to what it says on the meter, we can now send it a reading.

Finally, note that It is the responsibility of the user to send the reading on time. In other words, the application ensures that the photograph with the actual reading reaches the distributor, but if it has already taken the estimated reading, it will be of little use. The app is an intermediary between users and the distributor itself, so it is not responsible for the distributor, in case of error, to make the estimated reading.


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